Have you come up with anything better than partnering your brand with shows like The Simpsons, Glee or Dr. House? Find out the commercial opportunities to partner your brand with a truly multiplatform experience. These are the multiplatform opportunities available this month.


1. How many subscribers are reached by the feeds commercialized by FOX in Latin America?

Fox One Stop Media reaches an audience spanning 33 million homes. In 2009, we achieved the highest audience share (18%) of Pay TV in Latin America. We’re the group with the largest number of channels ranked on the TOP 20 of every country.

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2. How many people does .FOX Networks reach?

.Fox reaches 900 million unique users monthly all over the world. In Latin America, it reaches 72 million unique users, which represents 88% of the Internet audience in the region.

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3. How can I find out more about a feed’s target so that I can be more specific with my investment?

Refer to the reseach section, where you’ll find the profile for each of FOX One Stop Media channels.