Increase traffic and gain a higher advantage

Scheduling on the Internet allows you to reach a specific target. We are the only ones who get directly to where you care the most. We offer you a safe investment. Reach, coverage and immediate impact on the Internet.

If you are aiming at branding on premium sites where everyone wants to be, if you wanna be on Facebook or run a high-impact campaign, we have the advertising solutions you need.

FOX Networks is the number one digital media agency in Latin America; it allows advertisers to combine the strengths of both brand advertising and performance. Our competitive edge relies on a wide range of formats, purchase models and offered services aiming at entirely fulfilling the planning needs media agencies have. We are also the exclusive representatives for Facebook throughout the region.

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1. How can I advertise on the Internet?

There are endless ways to advertise online. And the good thing about it is that we can assist you with that at Fox One Stop. Here you’ll find some samples.

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2. Can I advertise on TV and on the channel’s website?

Definitely. And that is what a good multiplatform strategy is all about. There’s a wide range of exciting possibilities. Just contact a local representative to further assist you.

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3. I want to run a banners campaign, but I don’t know how to technically set it up. Do you handle that?

Absolutely everything. We are a company that holds the key to brand-new possibilities. The only thing you have to do is tell us what you need. From then on, we’ll be in charge.

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4. I want be top positioned on Google, do you provide that service?

Of course, through .FOX we provide Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions for advertisers aiming to maximizing their online presence on search engines.

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5. I need to advertise on Facebook, but I don’t know how.

.FOX is the representative for Facebook in the region. Contact our local office and they’ll fill you in on all the Social Media solutions we can offer you.

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6. How many unique users do I access through .FOX Networks?

.Fox reaches 900 million unique users monthly all over the world. In Latin America, it reaches 72 million unique users, which represents 88% of the Internet audience in the region.

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